A Life In Your Hands

Abbott & Costello

Academy Award Theatre

Adventures By Morse

Adventures In Research

Adventures of Frank Farrell

Adventures of Frank Race

Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet

Adventures of Superman

Adventures of the Abbotts

Adventures of Zorro

Al Jolson

Alan Young Show

Aldrich Family

Alec Templeton Time

All Star Western Theatre

Amanda Of Honeymoon Hill

Ambassadors Of Melodyland

American Agent

American Album of Familiar Music

American Novels

Amos & Andy

Anderson Family

Andre Kostelanetz

Arch Oblers Plays

Archie Andrews

Art Of Living

Art Van Damme

Arthur Godfrey

Arthur Hopkins Presents

Arthur Tracy

ASCAP On Parade

Asher And Little Jimmie

At Ease

Audition Shows

Aunt Jemima


Barrie Craig

Barry Gray Show

Beat the Band

Beatrice Kay

Believe It Or Not

Bell Telephone Hour

Ben Bernie

Benny Goodman

Better Half

Betty And Bob


Beyond Tommorow

Big Band

Big Show

Big Story

Big Town

Birdseye Open House

Bob And Ray

Bob Burns

Bob Elson

Bob Hope

Bold Venture

Boston Blackie

Box 13

Break The Bank

Breakfast with Dorothy & Dick

Broadway Is My Beat

Bulldog Drummond

Burns and Allen

California Melodies

Call The Police

Calling All Cars

Calling All Detectives

Camel Caravan

Can You Top This

Captain Midnight

Case Dismissed

Casey Crime Photographer

Cass Daley Show

Cavalcade Of America

Chamber Music Society

Chandu The Magician

Charlie Barnet Show

Charlie McCarthy

Charlotte Greenwood Show


Chevrolet Musical Moments

Chicago Broadcasts

Chuck Schaden's Hall Closet

Chuck Schaden's Speaking of Radio

Chuck Schaden's Those Were The Days

Cinnamon Bear

Cisco Kid



Cloud Nine

Clyde Beatty Show

Columbia Workshop

Comedy Writers Show

Command Performance



Count Of Monte Cristo


Country Style USA

Crime and Peter Chambers

Crime Classics

Crime Club

Crime Files of Flammond

Crimes Does Not Pay

Curtain Time

Damon Runyon Theatre

Danger Dr Danfield

Dangerous Assignment

Danny Kaye Show

Dark Fantasy

Dave Garroway

Deadline Mystery

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Show

Death Valley Days

Defense Attorney

Destination Freedom

Dick Cole

Dick Tracy

Did Justice Triumph

Dimension X

Disc Jockey

Dr Christian

Dr IQ Jr

Dr Kildare


Duffys Tavern

Dwight Eisenhower

Ed Wynn

Eddie Albert

Eddie Bracken Show

Eddie Cantor

Eddie Condons Jazz Concerts

Elizabeth Hart

Ellery Queen


Everything For The Boys

Exploring Tomorrow


Father Knows Best

Favorite Story

FBI In Peace & War

Federal Agent

Fibber McGee And Molly

First Nighter

Fitch Bandwagon

Five Star Matinee

For The Defense

Ford Show

Ford Theatre

Foreign Broadcasts

Fort Laramie

Four Star Playhouse

Frank Black Cadillac Show

Frank Merriwell

Frank Morgan Show

Frank Sinatra


Franklin Roosevelt

Franklyn MacCormack

Fred Allen

Fred Waring

Freedom USA

Friendly Five Footnotes

Front And Center

Front Line Theatre

Frontier Gentleman

Frontier Town

Gang Busters

Gene Autrys Melody Ranch

George Watson Show

GI Journal

Glamour Manor

Glenn Miller

Globe Theatre

Gold Coast


Goodrich Silvertown Time

Grand Marquee

Grand Ole Opry

Great Gildersleeve

Great Plays

Green Hornet

Green Lama

Green Valley Line

Guard Session

Guest Star


Hallmark Playhouse

Halls of Ivy

Hardy Family

Haunting Hour

Heartbeat of Broadway

Heartbeat Theater

Henry Morgan

Hermit's Cave

High Adventure


Holiday Specials

Home Town Sketches

Honest Harold

Hop Harrigan

Hopalong Cassidy

House Of Mystery

Howard and Shelton

Howard Miller Show

Howard Vincent OBrien

Howdy Doody

I Love Adventure

I was a Communist for the FBI


Information Please

Inner Sanctum

Island Venture

It Pays To Be Ignorant

Jack Armstrong

Jack Benny

Jack Kirkwood Show

Jane Cowl

Jane Pickens Show

Jeff Regan - Investigator

Jimmy Durante

Joan Davis

John F Kennedy

John Steele - Adventurer

Johnny Lujack

Johnny Mercer

Johnny Modero Pier 23

Jones and Hare

Joyce Jordan MD


Jungle Jim

Just Entertainment

Kate Smith

King Cole Trio

Kings Jesters


Kollege of Musical Knowledge

Kraft Music Hall

Kups Column Of The Air

Leonidas Witherall

Let George Do It

Lets Go Nightclubbing

Lets Go To The Opera

Lets Go To Town

Lets Pretend

Life With Luigi

Lights Out

Line Up

Listeners Playhouse

Little Orphan Annie

Lives Of Harry Lime

Living 1948

Living 1949

Lorenzo Jones

Lum And Abner

Lux Radio Theatre

Lyndon Johnson

Ma Perkins

Magic Key of RCA


Major Bowes Amateur Hour

Mal Bellairs

Manhattan Melodies

Mario Lanza

Mark Trail

Martin and Lewis Show

Marx Brothers

Mary Foster Editors Daughter

Mary Margaret McBride

Maxwell House Coffee Time

Medicine USA

Meet Me At Parkys

Meet Millie

Meet Mr McNulty

Meet The Meeks

Mel Blanc Show

Melody Roundup

Mercury Theatre

Meredith Willson

MGM Theatre Of The Air

Michael Shayne

Milton Berle Show

Molle Mystery Theatre

Monticello Party Line

Morton Downey

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Mr and Mrs

Mr and Mrs Blandings

Mr District Attorney

Mr Keen

Murder At Midnight

Murder By Experts

Murder Clinic

Music For Moderns

Music Till Dawn

Musical Autographs

My Friend Irma

Mysterious Traveler

Mystery Is My Hobby

Mystery Playhouse

National Barndance

National Farm And Home Hour

Nations Nightmare

NBC Presents Short Story

NBC Radio Institute

NBC Radio Theatre

NBC Story Shop

NBC Symphony

NBC University Theatre

Nehi Program

Nelson Olmsted

Nero Wolfe

New World A Coming

News and Historical

Nick Carter


NK Musical Showroom

Noah Webster Says

Northwestern Reviewing Stand

Notes From Your Soldiers Notebook

Now Hear This


Official Detective

One Mans Family

One Night Stand

Our Miss Brooks

Packard Hour

Palmolive Beauty Box Theatre

Passing Parade

Pat Novak For Hire

Paul Harvey

Paul Whiteman

Pause That Refreshes

People Are Funny

Perry Mason

Personal Album

Pete Kelly's Blues

Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show

Phillip Marlowe

Philo Vance

Point Sublime

Private Files Of Rex Saunders

Proudly We Hail

Prudential Family Hour of Stars

Public Service

Puck The Comic Weekly


Queen for a Day

Quiet Please

Quiz Kids

Radio City Playhouse

Radio Hall Of Fame

Radio Promotions

Railroad Hour

Rare Programs

Rate Your Mate

Raymond Scott Show

Red Ryder

Red Skelton

Refreshment Club

Renfrew of the Mounted

Request Performance

Rip Lawson

Rocky Fortune

Rocky Jordan

Rogers of the Gazette

Rogues Gallery


Roy Rogers Show

Rudy Vallee

Sad Sack


Sam Spade

Sammy Kaye

Saturday Night Serenade

Screen Directors Playhouse

Screen Guild Theatre

Sea Hound

Sealed Book

Sealtest Variety Theatre

Serenade In Blue


Sherlock Holmes

Shopping With The Missus


Silent Men

Silver Eagle

Six Shooter

Skippy Hollywood Theatre

Smilin Ed McConnell

Song Sheet

Space Patrol

Special Broadcasts


Spotlight Bands

Squad Room

Stan Freberg

Stand By For Crime

Stoopnagle And Bud

Story Lane

Strange Romance Of Evelyn Winters

Strange Wills

Streamlined Shakespeare

Studio One

Studs Terkel

Supper Club



Tales Of The Texas Rangers


Television Simulcasts

Terry And The Pirates

Tex and Jinx Show

Texaco Star Theatre

That Other Generation

The American Challenge

The Black Mark

The Marriage

The Meaning of America

The Northerners

Theatre Five

Theatre Guild

Theatre Of Famous Radio Players

Thin Man

This Is My Best

This Is Your FBI

Todays Children

Tom Duggan

Tom Mix

Tom Powers Life Studies

Tommy Dorsey

Tonight on Broadway

Top Secret

Treasury Star Parade

True Detective Mysteries

Twenty Questions

Two Thousand Plus

Two Ton Baker

Uncle Neds Squadron

Under Arrest

University of Chicago Roundtable

V-E Day

Valiant Lady

Vaughn Monroe

Vic & Sade

Voice of Firestone

Vox Pop

Warner Academy Theatre

Wayne King Show

Weird Circle

What's My Line

Whatever Became Of

When A Girl Marries

Whispering Streets


Whitehall 1212

Wild Bill Hickok

Will Rogers

Witches Tale

World Security Workshop

Worlds Great Novels

X Minus One

Yank Swing Session

You Are There

You Bet Your Life

Your All Time Hit Parade

Your Hit Parade

Your Playhouse of Favorites

Your Symphony Scrapbook

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar